Frequently Asked Questions about Aurora

Note – Please read every question before contacting kingfisher.

Question – What is Superbot-Aurora ?

Answer – If you really Don’t know, than you don’t have to be here.

Question – Why am I here?

Answer – To find the answers of some basic questions about Superbot-Aurora.

Question – What do i need to setup Aurora in a Shell Server?

Answer -★one nimbuzz id for bot.
★A Shell Account
★A SSH Client
Python 2.7.X

NOTE – Python is only needed if you are installing it in your PC. And if you are installing it in a shell server than be sure that your shell server has python 2.7.X modules installed in it.

Question – How can i setup Aurora-bot in WINDOWS PC?

Answer – Go here – How to setup Aurora-Bot in Windows PC

Question – How can i setup Aurora bot in Shell Server?

Answer – Go here – Aurora bot setup in Shell Server.
Note – be sure to download the latest version of bot. Go here to see the latest versionAurora’s Download list

Question – How to setup Special Aurora version for cjb users (New)?

Answer – Every step is same as the above question except the download link of the bots file (the link you type after wget command ) here is the special version link – Aurora for cjb

Note – Do not close midpssh (or putty or whatever you are using ) after bot login …keep it running in background as cjb banned daemon command for free shell users. If midpssh close due to network failure mostly in case of an incoming or outgoing call ,your bot will goes offline. You have to start it again

Question – How to use Nano editor?

Answer – This link will definitely help you – Nano help guide.

Question – My bot is online but i am getting an Error code in my shell terminal during some or every command/s execution ! Why?

Answer – if this is your only Problem than jump to last question.( with the proper error code which you are getting in shell terminal during command/s execution. )

Question – Where can i find commands for Aurora?

Answer – Its bundled in the zip file itself named as “COMMANDS.txt” or you can find the whole command list here – Aurora bot commands list

Question – Your bot is not entering stylish chatrooms ! WHY?

Answer – After previous update ( v. 4.5.20) this issue is solved, but if you are facing it yet, then be sure that you have the latest version of Aurora. If your version is latest and if this is the only problem you are facing then you can jump to the last question. ( with the proper error code which you are getting in shell terminal during chatroom joining command execution.)

Question – Are you the maker of Superbot-Aurora?

Answer – yes, but it’s not completely my creation. Aurora bot is based on a bot called Talisman bot , which i edited and developed, for making it better than other bots present in the planet.

Question – Are you a professional developer or coder ?

Answer – No, i don’t even know “ABC” of python or any other coding language. But as python is an interesting language ( according to me at least ), Which i realise after starting editing basic plugins, i started enjoying in python coding and by time, i am able to code completely new plugins and that’s why i am here to help you .

Question – How many language can you speak?

Answer – English and Hindi (indian’s native language)

Question – You must be Rude and full of attitude as now you are well known name in the world of nimbuzz bots.

Answer – No no no no … not at all……….. Some people call me rude and full of attitude just because i am unable to reply them soon after they messaged me. But if you have to handle tons of people daily with most of them asking silly questions like “what is the password of blah blah ( etc etc ) bot” and you have to explain them all the things from A to Z , you will become the rudest person on the planet :D. So please Don’t judge my nature negative, only because i am not replying you faster.

Question – Do you have server bots or do you know about someone’s?

Answer – nuke_$erver & nuke_hanger

NOTE – if they are offline please do not report it to me ,because they are not mine.

Question – Do you have spybot or do you know about someone’s?

Answer –

Question – Can you give me Aurora bot?

Answer – No…because its not an application or executable file like other bots that i can give you. Aurora is a bundle of python scripts and needs python (2.7.X) environment to run, that’s why you’ll have to setup it in a server or in your PC using python 2.7.X environment. Here is the link for Aurora scripts in a zip file – Aurora download list.

Question – Is there any free Shell Server or VPS?

Answer – No ..not yet …you can try These free shell server if you want – and

Question – Can you suggest me a best paid shell server?

Answer – This link will definitely help you – how to select best paid shell server

Question – Can you make a bot for me?

Answer – No..Never.. Because everyone is asking for the same thing and it’s not possible for me to make bot for everyone.

Question – Can you give the password for Blah Blah bot ( someone’s personal Aurora setup) ?

Answer – No i can’t , as i am a Developer and not a Bot-server …. let me clear one thing to all of you, that Aurora is developed for personal use and if you are willing to use it you’ll have to setup it on your own ( using this link – Aurora setup – be sure to download the latest version of aurora.. check it here – Aurora download list ) but if you can’t, than you can goto the person having his/her own aurora setup and ask him/her to share his/her bot in your chatroom. But remember one thing that its completely the decision of bot’s owner and i can’t do anything in it.

Question – Why are you not updating your bot from last few months?

Answer – No PC from last few months….you’ll have to wait some more time for newer and more better version of Aurora.

Question – After Nimbuzz chatroom captcha update, my bot is not entering in my chatroom!! Why?

Answer – Your bot id must be at least member in that chatroom to enter in it.

Question – Do you help me regarding other bots or something related to computer or internet?

Answer – Yes …I’ll try my best.

Question – Can i join Aurora Team?

Answer – Yes …. if you are good in python coding and interested in bots than you are welcome to Aurora team…leave a comment with your details and I’ll get back to you when i need you.

Question – I didn’t get my answer here. What should i do now?

Answer – leave your Question/s in the  comments or Contact me @ I’ll try to reply you as soon as possible.

NOTE – Contact me only in case you didn’t get your answer here.

Question – i have some ideas or suggestions for your bot ! How can i share them with you?

Answer – You can post your ideas/suggestions in the comments
…if they’re good ,i’ll definetily add them to next version of Aurora-bot.

Question – Aurora-bot has some Bugs and Errors! How can i Report it/them to you?

Answer – Report Bugs and errors in the comments.

Question – Do you add everyone requesting you to add in your Nimbuzz chat list?

Answer – yes…everyone is welcome in my friend list.

Question – Do you charge for Aurora or for your help?

Answer – No …my service is completely free of cost.

Question – How and when can i contact you?

Answer – leave your question or Error code in the  comments or Contact me @ I’ll try to reply you as soon as possible.

NOTE – Contact me only in case you did’nt get your answer here.

Join me on facebook –

NOTE – More questions will be added soon.


40 responses to “AURORA HELP DESK

  1. The best one just it need new thing thats because all people boring from the same thing sure, I agree with “omanbot” Its good if you upload new version with search room, search nimbuzz ids, ids creation date or something new for all.
    That what I think.
    Keep do like this you are the best.

  2. Hi kingfisher.
    when I give my bot theis command “restart” to restart my bot my server gives me theis problem:

    /usr/local/bin/python2.7: can’t open file ‘bot/’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory ”

    How i can solve theis please.

    • Is that my bot? And srry for that… restart command is not working any more but i have fixed it in my room Fuller and definitely going to fix in aurora on my next release… keep patience and tx for the bug report

      • Its working..
        Thanks aloy.
        – Try to make bot when someone add the bot it gives him welcome message like ” welcome! send HELP to start “.
        – make bot can send message to all users.
        – really we need search room, search ids and ids date creation.

        Thats come to my maind now 🙂
        I hope the best for you.

  3. Additional:

    – Make bot can give left msg for users when she/he left chatroom
    And its good if you make aurora bot can make other ids online bots by sending id#pass

  4. Hi.
    Your bot is Good and i can see you work very hard to make aurora bot as the best bot but now peoblem need something new something attact thier visitor when they use aurora thier chatroom.
    In my point of view if make bot can use it to make other ids online.
    Like mobile server bot. Ex: Send id#pass#admin
    Good for your bot and by this you can attact alot of people to use yout bot what’s more, try to make something what people they want now. For example: search for chatroom, serach nimbuzz ids, nimbuzz id date creation. .etc meby send message to all users something like this.
    I hope i was helpfull and give good idea for you.
    If you need help or more ideas i will be happy to help you.

    My regards,

  5. Hi bro i need to make bot to allow other people to enter thier ids into thier chatrooms can you help me with my plugin?
    if you can i will contact with you via email.

  6. thanks dear KF

    i am Farrukh from Pakistan user of ur bots i do some changes in ur bots and run them for users my ids are sheeshnag@n.c and (djz)@n.c realy nice bot bro ..
    my request to u is plz make plugin for new update server captica …
    frnds add my aurora bots and use them free
    all are online
    follow bot’s status

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  8. Hi ! Bro
    I want to add you
    Mai aurora bot use nahi ka paa rha hu jab mai aurora zip file shell server mai download kar rha hu to access denied show kar rha hai !

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