How to Prove Microsoft Wrong by Detecting a Simple

Microsoft Error

This post will show you a simple calculator mistake by which you can claim that Microsoft is not perfect.

Is Microsoft perfect ? No , none of the operating software is perfect. Let’s try simple tricks to detect Microsoft error 😀 . it’s very easy and you can show your friends about this mistake just for fun ;)

Click on windows menu key and then go to all programs and then accessories and then select calculator. Or you can open Run and then type Calc and press enter to open calculator very easily . Now find the result of square root (√) of 4 , you will find the correct answer as 2. Now again deduct (-) 2 you will see that the answer is something8.1684***** instead of 0. I don’t know why it is not possible to deduct (-) the same number from the same answer which you will find square root (√).

For example, if you again try by taking a number 16 and then square root (√) it , you will find 4 now if you deduct (-) 4 from that 4 the answer will something unusual instead of 0. is’nt that’s the trick to prove Microsoft wrong ? 😀

try it and enjoy 😉


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